To maintain good health or nuture positive energy

Date: 04-10-2018||

In the sutra, Buddha has talked about the list of difficulties, in which it is difficult to be born as human and it is difficult to encounter the True Buddhist Dharma”. Also, in another sutra, He gave a parable that the opportunity to be born in a human body is very difficultly as a blind tortoise encounter a tree in the great ocean. Therefore, we need to respect and love our human body. Maintaining a good health is even more important for Zen Zong Buddhist practitioners. First most, it is required to have a healthy body, which gain a balance of positive and negative electromagnetic so that the practitioners can perceive the purity inside themselves. If the body is ill, weak, and painful, it is impossible for anyone to practice the Liberation Dharma. Aware of the importance of a health body in practicing Zen Zong Buddhism, we introduced a method to maintain the balance of positive and negative electromagnetic of the human body by a proper nutrition. If you haven’t read about it, please click here for further information.
Now, we would like to introduce another indispensable method besides balanced nutrition which is about physical exercise, moves, or gym… Nowadays, we can see a lot of different forms namely yoga, qigong, Tai chi, Ancient secret of the Fountain of Youth … All of them have no other purpose beyond a health and endurable human body. Each person can choose whatever way suitable with his or her body condition, or preference as long as he or she achieve a healthy body so that it is easier to see one own Pure Nature, especially for Zen Zong practitioners. We would like to present some reference sources below. May all have a healthy body to be able to practice Liberation Dharma easily!  

The Qigong published by Hoang Phap pagoda


Yoga for everyone to strengthen endurance


Exercise instructed by Ven. Thich Vien Giac


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