Science of Zen Buddhism

Ngày đăng: 31-01-2021 11:01:52

A scientific Buddhism is the Buddhism that demonstrate everything by scientific evidence clearly, no superstition, no vague.

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5 Buddhist Turmoils At The Dharma Ending Age

Ngày đăng: 31-01-2021 12:01:50

The book about Buddhism’s timeline published by Ven. Thich Tuong Van mentions about 5 Buddhist turmoils at the final of Dharma Age

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Which is More Precious: Money or Buddhist Quintessence

Ngày đăng: 31-01-2021 02:01:19
In this world
- Enslaved by body satisfaction, one ignores the dignity of a human.
- Enslaved by money, one disregards the morality of a practitioner.
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Peculiar Zen Pagoda: No Abbot - No Sitting Meditation

Ngày đăng: 02-02-2021 07:02:41
zen buddhism absolutely does not allow sitting meditation. If you sit meditation you attach to it immediately, you are engrossed in your daydreams
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Darwinism: True - False

Ngày đăng: 05-02-2021 09:02:51

Was Darwin's theory of evolution from apes to humans true or false?

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praying to be reborn in the Pure Land

Ngày đăng: 06-02-2021 02:02:52

there are a lot of monks practicing praying to be reborn in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss. Does this practice yield any results?

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Specialties Of Tan Dieu Zen Pagoda That Are Not Found In Any Pagodas In The World

Ngày đăng: 10-04-2021 12:04:51

Why has the united associations of UNESCO Vietnam as well as the cultural heritage Association of Vietnam recognized Tan Dieu pagoda as a spiritual cultural space and also the intangible cultural heritage of

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8 Quintessences of Zen Buddhism Science

Ngày đăng: 10-04-2021 09:04:11

Buddhism has 8 quintessences, including: 1) Buddhism only has 6 dharma methods not 84000 dharma methods. 2) Buddhism has 12 paths for reincarnation and 1 path returning Buddha world. 3) Earth is home to five

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Future of Vietnamese - Enlightened Civilized People or Superstitious Cowards

Ngày đăng: 17-04-2021 11:04:34

Is there any way to help Vietnamese people become civilized? Who is responsible for the development of Vietnamese civilization? I have heard one of the teachings of Uncle Ho: superstitious people are cowardly,

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Super Power of Zen Buddhism Science Teaching Book

Ngày đăng: 17-04-2021 03:04:42

If luckily, we have the opportunity to read the Zen Buddhism Science Teaching. What benefit do we have? If people read Zen Buddhism Science Teaching without using their own bright wisdom to read, what are they

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Earth, Human: Birth - Deteriorate - Destruction In Buddha's Teaching

Ngày đăng: 17-04-2021 03:04:52

Buddha has already taught: the earth has 3 periods of 10,000 years: stone age of 4000 years, bronze age of 3000 years, and then the electronic - atomic period of 3000 years is the last period to destroy the

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Pray for Peace on New Year's Day for Happiness?

Ngày đăng: 18-04-2021 06:04:05

I see that many pagodas often pray for peace of mankind on the New Year's day. I want to ask whether this such prayer brings luck, happiness and peace to the people

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