The Barrier of Zen Yard Who Can Overcome?

Ngày đăng: 10-04-2021 01:04:12
ONE STEP TO TATHAGATA LAND, so we would like to ask Hoang Quang which land is Tathagata land? Where is it? How can one step go to that land?
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8 Quintessences of Zen Buddhism Science

Ngày đăng: 10-04-2021 09:04:11

Buddhism has 8 quintessences, including: 1) Buddhism only has 6 dharma methods not 84000 dharma methods. 2) Buddhism has 12 paths for reincarnation and 1 path returning Buddha world. 3) Earth is home to five

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When working on autopilot which nature is controlling me

Ngày đăng: 06-05-2022 01:05:16

human nature is empty, Buddha nature borrows this emptiness as a means: Speaking - Hearing - Seeing - Knowing.

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With feelings come the planting of the seed. Because of the ground, the fruit is born again

Ngày đăng: 16-05-2022 11:05:37

Those who know they have Buddha nature, you should teach the Dharm of Liberation.

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Are those who can generate Buddha Nature’s micro voice tested by Wandering Saints when they die?

Ngày đăng: 22-05-2022 11:05:29

Those who practice Zen Buddhism and can say Buddha Nature’s micro voice will safely return to Buddha World.

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What is enlightenment on letters and enlightenment by Buddha’s Seeing and Knowing

Ngày đăng: 03-06-2022 11:06:07

Enlightenment on perceiving and entering into Buddha's Seeing and Knowing means enlightenment by our Seeing Nature and Knowing Nature of Buddha Nature within ourselves

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The Mission of Buddha Nature to the Human World

Ngày đăng: 03-06-2022 11:06:22

The main aim of Buddha Nature into the Human World is to borrow the Body and Human Nature to create merit to bring back to the Buddha world and become a Buddha

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