Science of Zen Buddhism

Ngày đăng: 31-01-2021

A scientific Buddhism is the Buddhism that demonstrate everything by scientific evidence clearly, no superstition, no vague.

Student ask:
Please answer me What is Science Buddhism?
Teacher answer:
Science Buddhism is that it explains anything by science, not superstitious, not vague which is clearly demonstrated by science, so it is called Science Buddhism.


Student ask:

What Zen Buddhism impart to people?
Teacher answer:
Zen Buddhism imparts anything by science based on scientific basic, not vague.
For instance, In the past, who knew how the earth is formed? However, now we know the earth is formed after 8 stages and it takes 1 million years for the Earth to be formed. Heaven of Four Heavenly Kings do this.
In the past, people just heard that the sky was round and the ground was square. People know nothing else, no religion talks about the earth. That's why the Buddha Shakyamuni said the earth is formed through 8 stages and it takes 1 million years. When it's done, it's used. Earth orbiting around the sun and its spinning speed is about 1800km/h. It is moving in 10 directions. Who believe this? But it is the truth. 50 years ago, American astronaut Armstrong flew to the moon, he saw the earth spin strangely. The earth doesn't stand still, it moves, it spins around. He stood on the moon, only he could see.
In the past, the Buddha also saw this but he couldn't tell. People would think he was crazy. 'How can the Earth spin? Why I am standing here but I do not see it spinning?' That's why We need to wait until the civilization, science can be demonstrated properly, then Zen Buddhism can be popularized. In the old days, saying this would be reviled. Now, to say this is still being reviled. that is just one of many examples. Many shamans say nothing like that happened so Buddha says it is very hard to speak out the truth.
Zen Buddhism through 9 Buddha times, has not been clearly published, just published somewhat or published at the very end of Final Dharma Age. There are many things that were not published, there is no way to fully explain Zen Buddhism.


Student ask:

Can you prove Zen Buddhism with a few examples?
Teacher answer:
For example, in the past, you used to go to Sam mountain, or you went to Ba Den mountain to kowtow because you believed in "something" in those sacred places. However, if you understand Who create the sacred at those places, you never go there. Anyone who understand Zen Buddhism will never go there to kowtow.
Very soon, Zen Buddhism Science Teaching is announced, whoever perspicacious, could read this book, is called omniscient people. We only lose to Buddha 50%. Buddha is an omniscient and omnipotent person, We are omniscient. Buddha transmits his omniscience to us. He can't transmit omnipotence to us. Why not? Omnipotence means the ability to control the positive and negative electromagnetic in this physical world. Using anything in this physical world, we will be reincarnated with it. That's why he never teaches us omnipotence, he just teaches us omniscience.
Clearly, after you learn a very basic of Zen Buddhism and understand it, all the sacred places, absolutely, you will just go for sightseeing, not to kowtow. Before knowing Zen Buddhim, you went to those places, you burn incense, cringe, kneel, and kowtow. Now you don't do that anymore. Is my example persuade you? Just a very little understanding of Zen Buddhism helps you clear away superstition. That is clearly proved. Please ask if you are still not clear.


Student ask:

Buddhism is the enlightened path, Why pagoda is built not to teach enlightenment but teach worship?
Teacher answer:
Actually, they are also enlightened. Do you know what they are enlightened? money enlightened. Enlightenment means understanding. Money-enlightenment makes full pocket. Enlightenment can not buy you any material things, but with money-enlightenment, you can buy anything you want freely. Money, so tempting!
Therefore, people build pagoda to have money-enlightenment, have a more comfortable life while enlightenment gives you nothing in this world. How can we live without money? Even an omniscient and omnipotent person is also hungry as others.
Zen Rectification - Zen Question on 23/05/2020