Loaning Zen Zong books

Ngày đăng: 18-10-2018

About Tan Dieu Zen pagoda lending Zen Buddhism books and CDs for free
– With the aim of helping people to better understand Buddhism, as well as helping intellectuals, scientists, researchers have the ability to collect and study Buddhism, TAN DIEU Zen pagoda would like to inform about lending Zen Buddhism books for free. A total of 11 books include:
1. Which Dharma methods of Buddhism are easy to practice for Enlightenment
2. Questions about Zen Buddhism - Book 1
3. Right practice toward the Buddha's teaching assuring Liberation
4. Questions about Zen Buddhism - Book 2
5. Open to initiate Zen Zong
6. The secretly transmitted scroll archive of Buddha and Enlightened Zenists
7. Buddha teaching how to practice Zen Buddhism and the formula of Liberation
8. The Life and Enlightenment of 36 Patriarchs of Zen Buddhism in India - China - Vietnam
9. Disclosed Book of Zen Buddhism Secret
10. Legendary scroll archive of the Buddha trasmitted secretly through Zen Zong stream
11. Emperor Tran Nhan Tong taught his son how to administer a country, belief system, the formula of liberation to Buddha realm and truth of the earth.
Borrower: Everyone, especially those who want to cultivate Enlightenment and Liberation ...
Borrowing time: Morning from 8am to 12pm, afternoon from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Condition: Any scriptures are the Buddha's teachings for people of all walks of life. There is no concept of a high method or a low method, but only depending on the purpose of the practice, a practitioner can choose the appropriate method. For the above 11 books, if the reader feels convinced and interested, it means this method is right for you, but if you read it but feel uncomfortable or unconvincing, it also means this method is not suitable for you. So please find another practice that is more suitable for you, and have no intention to defame or despise these books, because it brings no good for you.
Borrowing addresses:
In the south of Vietnam:
Address 1: Mr Le Phuc Hien - HP: 0913.957.086. Mr Nguyen Ngoc Sinh - HP: 090.928.1704 - Thu Đuc city - Ho Chi Minh city
Address 2: Mrs Tran Luong Khanh Duong, Go Vap district - Ho Chi Minh city. HP: 0987.12.46.26
In the middle area of Vietnam:
Address 1Anh Nguyen Ngoc Thai, 238, 22/08 street, Cam Ranh, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. HP: 0985.515.639
Address 2: Central Vietnam Zen Retreat, Quy Nhơn city - Binh Dinh province. ĐT: 0903.579.604
Address 3Anh Nguyen Thien TamDa Nang city. HP: 0905.960.203 
Address 4Mrs Hoang Linh, 5 Nguyen Truong To street, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province. HP: 0942.906.304
In the north of Vietnam
Address 1: Mr. Nguyen Van Chung, Ha Đong, Ha Noi capital. HP: 0983.484.389
Address 2: Mr. Nguyen Manh Đoan, Trang An - Hoa Lu - Ninh Binh. HP: 0904.132.086
In the south west of Vietnam
Address 1: Mr.Khanh Van, Can Tho province. HP: 0946.423.536
Thank you very much!