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– TÂN DIỆU Zen Zong Pagoda, Bhikkhuni Đức Thảo (Regular named Trần Thị Liệu, birth year 1912) who established in 10-15-1956 (Lunar Calendar).  When she was a female counterpart who practiced Buddhism at home without becoming a monk, she read the Diamond Sutra and Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra, she had attained “Top Secret Zen Zong” because she received the deep teaching that Buddha had taught, therefore she established building a small TÂN DIỆU Pagoda to practice.  Her vow in future: Children, nephews or nieces who practiced at this pagoda must maintain the correct method of Zen Zong and built becoming one Zen Zong Pagoda in the true sense of the word.  There is engraved writing the teachings of the Buddha about enlightenment and liberation and those people who enlightened Zen names are engraved on ceramic or rock frame at the Pagoda.  But during that year Vietnam military fought to protect the country from France’s military that had been reaching to the highest levels, the plan of building the Zen Zong Pagoda to spread the teaching of this Zen Zong dharma studying couldn’t be performed.  Thereupon, She had a prophesy for the next generation to replace her to build the Zen Zong pagoda by 24 lines of verse as follows:
Zen flowers bloomed at Vulture Peak Mountain
Master has received, noble more than jade gold
Homeland has not been in peace
Zen Zong has not developed in this place.
Disciples kept in mind the teaching of master
The country rejoined here growth Zen
Thousands of citizens gather in peace
The flowing stream of Zen must be blooming far.
Compassion heart of Shakya Buddha
The 25th century appeared at this place
Disciples kept in mind the teaching of master
To Minh Triết period should build Zen pagoda.
At the beginning there is affliction
Many people want to make trouble but don’t afflict
Diamond Deity immediately helps
Master’s money, Master show in future without worry.
Whether small pagoda or big pagoda
As long as written the teachings are for everybody
Zen Zong is a benefit every places
Many people achieve enlightenment smiling Zen Zong.
True dharma eyes treasury in my heart
Marvelous Nirvana, appeared blooming at this place
Master’s money, Master left at the root of trees
To the Minh Triết period bring to build the Buddha’s altar.
Following, disciple’s vow promised with his Master, of set purpose remember those things which his Master had taught.  After this is his verse of 20 lines as follows:
We have memory of the teaching of Master
Zen Zong vow to bloom here to transmit
Master please eases being at sleep
We please keep the vow without false.
Those people who came to “Small Vulture Peak Altar”
Seeing blooming lotus, awareness of Zen brightness
We’re steadfastly keeping the vow
Accomplish doing our vow Zen dharma spread far away.
We vow in front of Shakya
Helping lack wisdom people to recognize Zen stream
From here will end topsy-turvy
Accomplish doing our vow in front of Shakya Buddha.
We please vow to expose
We together combine efforts to speak out Master’s word
We please vow this word
Established more methods Master please don’t worry.
Whether small Zen, big Zen
People who came to Vulture Peak must try to practice Zen
Hope that Buddha help on condition
I vow my wish, forever lasting.
Obey the prophesy teaching of Master who had attained “Top Secret Zen Zong” in the 20th Century and the Master successive.  Zenist Chánh Huệ Phong received all things what priors master had taught, therefore in the year 2006 and 2009, Zenist Chánh Huệ Phong came forward to build Zen Zong Pagoda and Zen Zong Buddha’s altar to rewrite the verse Legend Diary of Buddha, and legend diary of two prior Masters, the verse 16 lines as follows:
Vulture Peak Mountain Zen flowers blooming Zen Zong
At here “the Dragon Land” has “growth” Vulture Peak Mountain
Passed over river, cross the ocean by self
Flowing by many countries has stopped here.
We listened to the teaching of Master
Find more methods, this stream flow forever
Zen Zong flow all over the world
Flow to “The Dragon Land”, re-save Zen Zong.
We vow forever in our heart
The stream at “the Dragon Land” must flow far out
Long ago the Legend Diary of Shakya
The 25th century appeared at “the Dragon Land”.
We please vow in our heart
Established many methods “Dragon’s stream” flow out
Threshold hope above the Compassionate One
Help people who have great condition, enlightened like me.
Zen Zong propagated at the Tân Diệu Zen Zong Pagoda, from the compiler who compiled Zen studying of Buddhism is the compiler Nguyễn Nhân who compiled and wrote 10 books speaking about the dharma practicing Zen Zong, which were read by people in and out of Vietnam Country.  Therefore, there are many people who are enlightened Zen Zong.  According to the promise of Zenist Chánh Huệ Phong: Whoever came to visit the pagoda to ask questions about the religion, or read books bout the enlightened Zen path, will received the certificate verifying the enlightenment of “the basic principle of Zen Zong”.  Until today 10-15-2009 (Lunar Calendar), there are many people who enlightened Zen path, that couldn’t write all into the ceramic frame, therefore the pagoda abstract 58 people who enlightened “the basic principle of Zen Zong” as excellent, save names and ages at the pagoda.  At the Zen Zong Buddha’s Altar, there is written the verse Legend Diary of Buddha and those people who have attained “Top Secret Zen Zong” that have made poems or verses.
10 written books about Zen Zong studying of compiler Nguyễn Nhân includes:
1/. Which dharma methods of Buddhism are easy to practice to enlighten?
2/. Questions about Zen Zong – Book 1
3/. Right practice toward the teaching of Buddha assuring liberation
4/. Questions about Zen Zong – Book 2
5/. Open to initiate Zen Zong
6/. The Legend Diary of Buddha and enlightened Zenists
7/. Buddha’s teaching how to practice Zen Zong and the principles to liberation
8/. The life and enlightenment of 36 Patriarchs of Zen Zong: In India – China – and Vietnam
9/. The White Book Zen Zong
10/. The Legend Diary of the Buddha transmitted through Zen Zong Buddhism
10 books mentioned above were agreed to be published by the Religious Publisher and the board of government religion gave permission to published in 2009, those books have sold  in and out the a country; therefore those intellectuals who prized the books very highly.
They said: those books were written very wonderful, extremely reality-based and scientific, from prior until now they have not had awareness of.  They also said: they have never seen any pagoda which has the style of worship and decorated like this TÂN DIỆU Zen Zong Pagoda.  It’s truly valuable for the home region of this Đức Hòa District, Long An Province.
The biography of the Pagoda was written in 10-15-2009 (Lunar Calendar) by Zenist Chánh Huệ Phong and the chief of board of trustees of TÂN DIỆU Zen Zong Pagoda.
The Patriarch who established Tân Diệu Zen Zong Pagoda: Bhikkhuni Đức Thảo
Translator: V.Đ.H(Eric)
Editor: DG.