Bliss in Meditation - Who helps?

Ngày đăng: 18-04-2021

What is the reason after sitting in meditation for 20 minutes, I can feel calm and bliss?

Student asked:
 Uncle! Let me ask this very special question. I have asked many famous teachers before, but none of them could give a persuasive answer to me so I want to bring it up to you, please explain to me!
What is the reason after sitting in meditation for 20 minutes, I can feel calm and bliss, please tell me?
Teacher replied:
- We live on this Earth means we are living in a positive and negative physical earth, humans are also positive and negative. In human’s head, there are 10 negative suction holes to suck in and push out:
 + In our head: in front of the forehead is 5 holes at the central forehead (between the eyebrows) so that Shakyamuni Buddha used this (called the Heavenly Eye) to observe everything, so in Buddha images usually has a golden aura called luminescence, these 5 negative holes plus other 5 holes: on the forehead (frontal lobe) - on the top of the head (parietal lobe) - the two sides of the forehead on the left and right (temporal lobes) - at the back of the head (occipital lobe), form a total of 10 negative suction holes.
- When you sit meditating to achieve something:
 + If you are negative: 5 minutes later, you are imaginative or daydream, you immediately see the result, it is the help of the forsaken spirit entering your body, so these 10 holes are the medium for 10- type forsaken spirits to get in your body to satisfy your desires. It explains that due to these 10 suction holes, all the cultivators can see or sense something
- The Buddha’s luminescence is via these 10 suction holes, the saints’ luminescence is also through these suction holes, similarly for Asura or forsaken spirit.
Therefore, zen buddhism came about because it decodes the whole invisible world or spiritual world. Because you sit in meditation and daydream, all 10 suction holes would open wide (like your house has closing doors, they couldn't get in, but you open the doors) then they enter immediately, because you invite them in - you like to see this or see that. 
For example: Recently, you heard many people who went up the mountain, they sat meditation, they saw luminescent halo they proclaimed themselves as Buddhas, This phenomenon illustrates what I just explained. Which Buddha on earth they saw. Buddha Shakyamuni did not dare to become a Buddha this earth but he had become a Buddha in Tusita Heaven. Noone dares to practice to attain buddhahood or achieve whatsoever in this Earth because to be succeeded, all practitioners must have been possessed by saints.
Zen Rectification - Zen question on May, 10, 2020