5 Buddhist Turmoils At The Dharma Ending Age

Ngày đăng: 31-01-2021

The book about Buddhism’s timeline published by Ven. Thich Tuong Van mentions about 5 Buddhist turmoils at the final of Dharma Age

Student ask:
The book about Buddhism’s timeline published by Ven. Thich Tuong Van mentions 5 Buddhist turmoils at the final of Dharma Age. Could you please explain it?
Teacher answer:
What else should I say? You see, he clearly described them. OK, read one by one, I will explain them again
One: Bhiksu (monk) will receive buddha’s words from upasakas (lay people): Why? Because at the end of the Dharma Age, it is extremely hard to find a Bhiksu who knows the True Dharma of Buddha? It has already happened everywhere. I dare you to be able to search in above 17 thousands pagodas from north to south for a True Bhiksu, or a monk who can teach you the True Buddha’s Dharma? No. The answer is given in the passage you just read out? 
Two: Upasakas sit on top, bhiksu sit at the lower: Mostly, there are upasakas coming here to learn Zen Buddhism, but rarely see Bhiksu around. Maybe later, it has not come true yet. I can see there are a few bhiksu attending the Zen Q&A session. Today, I see no monk here. Sometimes, they come sitting here to listen to my answer. I think this second prophecy occurs seldomly, not frequently.
Three: Bhiksu teach buddhism, but not keen to learn. There are many examples. Many doctors of Buddhism travel the world to teach Buddhism, admitting they are blinded. Whatever I am teaching you came from my own imagination. What nonsense! So shameless for them to self proclaim as Buddhist monks. There is a well-known monk introducing himself as blind as others about Buddhism understanding, and what he teaches based merely on his conjecture of the meaning of Buddha’s word. Author Ven. Thich Tuong Van plots the monk figure in reality.
Four: Ghost’s words are presumed to be true, true dharma is presumed to be wrong. What are ghost’s words? Ghosts say that Making offerings for monks is a true path, ghosts say the  true teaching is wrong, and true dharma is a heretical path. Ven. Thich Tuong Van described very clearly. This happening will be seen at the end of dharma age. It seems he has thaumaturgical ability. Let us see, his book was published in 2003, isn’t it? Tan Dieu Zen pagoda started imparting Zen Buddhism in 2006 and Zen Buddhism was officially released on 14/5/2017. It means he could foresee this event 14 years ago (2003-2017), he is a Holy monk as he can presage. When you meet him, tell him I would like to  offer him $50.
Five: In the future, bhiksu will take care their wife and children: Obviously, just a few months ago, there was a news of a scandal monk who ended up being defrocked. In the court, he asked for the right to keep his 13 million USD income he earned while being a monk and wished to secularise so that he could get married. Ven. Thich Tuong Van could foresee this situation. He published his book in 2003-2007, it means he could visualize this future correctly a few dozen years ago, so Ven. Thich Tuong Van should be a holy monk. I will send him another $50. When you meet him, please help me tell him “Because you could tell the future very well, Mr. Nhan would like to offer you $100”. Or by chance, if he listens to today’s video, I would like to invite him to Tan Dieu Zen pagoda, so I could make an offering to him. 
Zen Rectification - Zen Question on 10/11/2019