11. Teachings of King Tran Nhan Tong to crown prince about governance, religion, liberation formula and the truth on this earth

Ngày đăng: 16-07-2019

Truly, King Tran Nhan Tong had left for Vietnamese people an invaluable inheritance that no other King had ever done.

Section 2 Introduction the succesion ceremony
Section 3 Crown Prince's questions:
  Question 01 Definition of superstition, right belief, accentricity, enlightenment, liberation, title chief
  Question 02 Duties of Buddha, Human being, Fosaken spirit
  Question 03 Duties of Assuras
  Question 04 How many kind of beings living on earth
  Question 05 How many types of religions on earth
  Question 06 Purpose of Buddhism
  Question 07-08 Pagoda make offerings for whom to eat
  Question 09-10 Why cannot teach zen zong in Thang Long capital
  Question 11 Why can Buddha not teach zen zong
  Question 12 Why people have buddha nature do not have wisdom
  Question 13-15 Why can the King not teach zen zong to the crown prince
  Question 16-17 Where is Dragon land
  Question 18 Why endevor practice cannot liberate
  Question 19-23 Invite Asuras to pagodas
  Question 24 What is fanatic, super fanatic
  Question 25-26 Where are offerings going, which place should people come to make offerings
  Question 27-28 How Human Nature and Human body form and disintegrate
  Question 29-30 Prince asking about liberation formula
  Question 31 How to know Ven Thich An Hao a real Zen master or not
  Question 32-33 Can we pray Asura
  Question 34-35 Why endevor practice cannot liberate
  Question 36-37 Des Buddha eat offering or request requiem for the death's soul
  Question 38 Crown Prince ask if building more pagoda can gain more merit
  Question 39-42 Can people live in equality
  Question 43 How to clear away superstition
  Question 44-47 why some pagoda are sacred while some are not
  Question 48-49 Who is the True Buddhist practitioner
  Question 50-52 What methods are the monks and nuns practicing
  Question 53-54 Why a monk can control the dying by himself
  Question 55-56 Did Buddha create Buddhism to take offerings
  Question 57 Why wishes are granted after praying
  Question 58 King Tran Nhan Tong explain more about superstition
  Question 59-61 How to make people not fanatic
  Question 62 Prince ask about the ritual of slaughtering pig
  Question 63 Why a monk has severe illness
  Question 64-69 How is a True Zen Master and a fake monk
  Question 70 Huineng teaching about Heretical Path
  Question 71 Prove this earth create Causes and effects
  Question 72-75 About religious establishments - pagoda, meditation center, monastery
  Question 76-78 Crown Prince ask about regulations to build pagoda and issue Buddhist certificates
  Question 79-80 Crown Prince ask about the ceremony - Recognition for a person to know the way to Buddha's world
  Question 81 God's path, Fairies' path, Asura's path, Buddha's path
  Question 82 Dinh Quoc Thais mother is prayed by a monk to be born in Pure Land
Section 4 - Elderlies quetions
  Question 03 Where is Buddha world in the Three Realms
  Question 04 What is superstition, what is True Belief
  Question 05 Where are merits or blessings stored
  Question 06 How to create merits, how to create blessings
  Question 07 Between the throne and Zen Zong Dharma, which is more important to you
  Question 08 Ways of worshipping
  Question 09 Does killing enemy suffer killing karmic result
  Question 10 Do Zen Zong practitioners bow or pray to Buddha, bong wooden fish and chant
  Question 11 Why King go up to Yen Tu mountain, Why no bow to pray
  Question 12 Worship General Quan Thanh is superstition or True belief
  Question 13 Pure Land Buddhism
  Question 14 Hinayana Buddhism - Be aware of but not follow delusion
  Question 15 Mantra Buddhism - Clear away all delusion to become Buddha
  Question 16 True Zen Master or True Buddhist lecturer
  Question 17 Why pagoda bring many statues into it
  Question 18 Will monks bring other Paths into pagoda be punished
  Question 19 How is Zen Zong Practicing
  Question 20 Will practicing as a monk in pagoda get liberation
  Question 21 How to practice to be buddha
  Question 22 Praying for blessing in Quan Thanh shrine
  Question 23 Do we have oppotunity to practice Zen Zong Dharma
  Question 24 Key verses in Diamon sutra
  Question 25 Why dont many people want to learn the Truth of Buddha's teaching
  Question 26 Daily routine of zenzong practitioners
Section 5 Fundamentals of Buddhism
Section 6 Top secrets of Zen Zong Buddhism
Section 7 Paying farewell to first zenzong senior Nguyen Thi Riem going back to buddha world
Dear readers,
Throughout Vietnam’s history, we have not found any King who gave such articulate, lucid and comprehensive teachings when passing the throne to their successors as King Tran Nhan Tong did.
 We are very fortunate to have found these four teachings of King Tran Nhan Tong for his Crown prince:
1. Teaching on keeping the country at peace.
2. Teaching on the right way to recruit people into the bureaucracy
3. Teaching on special methods to fight against foreign invaders
4. Transparent teaching on how to educate people about religion
Truly, King Tran Nhan Tong had left for Vietnamese people an invaluable inheritance that no other King had ever done.
From our personal point of view, we regard this document highly and therefore feel the need to bring it to everybody. However, the judgement is yours. Should you find it enriching your wisdom, meditate on it. Otherwise, please feel free to discard it.
If anyone knows any better sources, please feel free to inform us so that this book can be more enlightening in the next edition.
We are sincerely grateful.
After we had collected the document of King Tran Nhan Tong’s four teachings, in 1958, Nun Zen Zong Master Duc Thao, the owner of Tan Dieu Zen Zong pagoda which is located at 273, Chanh Hoi hamlet, Tan My commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An province, gave us “The Legendary Diary of the Buddha transmitted through Zen Zong Buddhism”.
Now that we have found another four teachings of King Tran Nhan Tong, we have the basis to write the following ten books:
1. Dharma methods of Buddhism whicht guides to faster Enlightenment
2. Zen Zong Questions – Book 1
3. Proper practice of the teaching of Buddha will definitely lead to Liberation
4. Zen Zong Questions – Book 2
5. Open your eyes to Zen Zong
6. The Legendary Diary of the Buddha and the enlightened Zenists
7. Buddha’s teaching on how to practice Zen Zong and the principles of Liberation
8. The life and enlightenment of the 36 Patriarchs of Zen Zong: India – China – Vietnam
These eight books were published by Religion Publishing House, under the permission of the Prime Minister's Office.
9. The Zen Zong White book
Published by Hong Duc Publishing House, under the license of the Vietnam Lawyer’s Association.
10. The Legendary Diary of the Buddha transmitted through Zen Zong Buddhism.
published by two publishing houses:
First: Religion Publishing House, under the permission of the Prime Minister's Office
Second: Hong Duc Publishing House, under the license of the Vietnam Lawyer’s Association.
We enclose herein the covers of the 10 books at the back of this book.
We have been very lucky that the books have sold well and brought us profit. However, we do not use the money for our personal purposes but for these three things:
One: 80% of the profit is allocated to Tan Dieu Zen Zong pagoda, located at 273, Chánh Hội hamlet, Tân Mỹ commune, Đức Hòa district, Long An province so that the management board of the pagoda can complete the buildings of Tan Dieu Zen Zong pagoda as Buddha’s teachings about Zen Zong Dharma.
Two: 10% of the profit is used to give these 10 books to readers who can not afford it.
Three: The final 10% of the profit goes to the publication of these books to:
1. Interested cultural organizations.
2. Interested religious institutions.
3. Libraries of provinces, cities and districts whose readers are interested.
4. Interested individuals.
Compiler and Rewriter
Nguyen Nhan.